Final Cut Pro (video editor)

Video Editing & Screencast Software

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$300 (one-time)

When it comes to editing your videos, you can either go simple (with the built-in apps like iMovie), or you can step up your game.

I highly recommend using Apple’s Final Cut Pro, especially when compared to Adobe Premiere. Why? Final Cut Pro offers the perfect balance between ease of use, quick editing and time-saving features.

Final Cut Pro really shines when it comes to logos, titles, and animations: You can buy cheap, ready-to-use plugins on Envato VideoHive (see below), and you will have professional-looking motion graphics in a breeze.

Funny enough, Final Cut Pro only costs a fraction of what you will pay for Adobe Premiere. That’s because Adobe products are only available as monthly subscriptions, whereas you can grab Final Cut Pro for a very fair one-time price.

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