Website & Video, done in 4 days: SaaS Marketing Sprint

Stop procrastinating and finally get your most important marketing assets done, so you can focus on other things.

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Developing products is great fun. But how about marketing and sales? A necessary evil, if you ask tech founders.

The good news: marketing can be fun too, if you know the right strategies and techniques.

During the SaaS Marketing Sprint, we’ll create a solid foundation for your marketing, and you’ll leave with tangible results.
Don’t miss out on the chance to bring your SaaS marketing to the next level in just 4 days:

We’ll create your website together.
We’ll find your positioning.
Copywriting and video included.

Why? Because with the right positioning, you’ll attract your ideal clients magnetically.

Day 1: Positioning

Attract your ideal clients magnetically: With a unique positioning that wows your customers and leaves your competitors behind.

Day 2: Messaging

No more headaches how to explain your product: We’ll do the copywriting together, and in the future all you do is “copy and paste”.

Day 3: Website

Get a website that works hard for you: Your visitors will feel understood and sign up for your service or newsletter – and you get new leads and partnership requests!

Day 4: Video

Don’t feel like selling and presenting? We’ll make a video that sells your product for you. No previous knowledge or expensive gear necessary!

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Stop the marketing nightmare and tell me what you’re up to:
You’ll leave with actionable ideas that you can implement right away.

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Dominik Wever – Founder & Coach

“Marketing is a true challenge, especially for software and tech companies. Dominik helps founders and entrepreneurs to attract and win their ideal customers and move their business forward.

Together he develops positioning and SaaS marketing strategy and also rolls up his sleeves to create a website or video, hands-on.

Dominik doesn’t just provide theory and concepts: He delivers pragmatic knowledge, based on almost two decades of experience in SaaS marketing and sales for his own software company.”

Day 1: Positioning

Who are your ideal customers? How does your product help them get their job done and overcome frustrations? What makes your product unique in the market?

- Clients: Buyer Personas
- Market: Competitors
- Product: Features
- Differentiation: USPs

Day 2: Messaging

How do you translate unemotional features into tangible benefits that wow your clients? How do you explain your product to win new clients, partners and investors?

- Benefits
- Elevator Pitch
- Mission Statement
- Claim

Day 3: Website

How do you transform your messaging into a website that attracts your ideal clients and makes them sign up for your service or get in touch with you?

- Structure & Elements
- Headlines & Copy
- Visualization
- Content Management

Day 4: Video

How do you make a video without previous knowledge and expensive gear that will sell your product for you, so that you don’t have to hire sales reps right away?

- Structure & Elements
- Script
- Slides & Screencast
- Recording & Editing

“Dominik knows exactly how to sell a software or SaaS product. He is really knowledgeable about everything from SEO to how to structure your website, so that your benefits are first and foremost for your customers…

The questions he asks and the way he guides you in identifying benefits for your product, you can tell that he’s been in this industry for a long time and he’s been really successful.”

Carson Duffy – COO, zignyl


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