Training & Consulting For Your Software & SaaS Business

Software & SaaS tools have their very unique challenges in marketing, sales and interface design.

Master their special strategies and tactics, and you will not only be successful and reach your goals but have fun implementing them.

With 20 years of hands-on experience running a CRM software company, I can guide you along your way and empower your team.

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Software Marketing

It’s a tough challenge to stand out and attract new leads and sign-ups. Yet it’s possible, especially if you do it in-house: Great positioning builds your basis for effective (video) content marketing.

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Software Sales

Turn your leads into happy customers. Learn how to activate your leads via email and phone, surface their pains and objections, deliver awesome demos and close them with an irresistible offer.

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Software Design & Onboarding

Enable your trial-users to find the big features and benefits of your solution, and they’ll buy. Learn how to create a great (first) user experience that draws users into your tool and makes them successful.

Design Software People Will Love

Take Your Software & SaaS Marketing To The Next Level

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With new apps popping up almost every day, standing out with your own solution is tough.

Google’s new ranking algorithm and more than three million new blog posts a day challenge your SEO and Content Marketing activities.

You need a solid foundation to survive in this shark tank: detailed understanding of your target customers and great positioning.

Only then can you apply advanced tactics like storytelling and video content marketing.

Let’s move your business ahead with actionable strategies, tactics & best practices:

  • Positioning to stand out in a competitive market
  • Storytelling and copywriting to engage your prospects
  • Inbound and content marketing to attract new leads
  • Video marketing to build trust and rapport and crush social media
  • Software tools and tactics to make your life easier

Only then can you apply advanced tactics like storytelling and video content marketing.

Become A Software Sales Hero
(Superman Cap Not Included)

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I’ve found that there’s no way to sell B2B software or SaaS tools without human interaction.

And there’s nothing better than having a real conversation with your potential customers: To understand his or her needs and build trust and rapport.

Activating your leads via email and phone und delivering engaging software demos are essential skills every sales and customer representative must have mastered.

Let’s boost your sales with actionable strategies, tactics & best practices:

  • Understanding your customer, surfacing his needs, challenges and objections
  • Activating your leads via email and phone
  • Delivering awesome software demos online and in person
  • Creating irresistible offers for subscriptions and one-time services
  • Selling on future features still being in development

Design Intuitive Software People Will Love

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Marketing, Sales & Development need to work closely together.

Nothing worse than overpromising benefits on your website, and having frustrated users abandoning your trial because they can’t find the features they’re desperately looking for.

Design the user interface with simplicity and first-user experience in mind, and you will pave the way for happy customers who will quickly adopt your tools and see its benefits right from the start.

Learn to design simple, intuitive user interfaces your users will love:

  • Surfacing requirements to truly understand your customers
  • Focusing on the primary use cases and benefits using Pareto’s 80-20-rule
  • Simplifying the user interface by eliminating all the clutter
  • Wowing your customers with great first-user experience and onboarding
  • Migrating your native Windows/Mac software to a web-based app