More Sign-ups.
Higher Conversions.
Happy Clients.

Discover the power of video marketing for your software & SaaS business.

Get More Leads & Signups

With a myriad of software & SaaS tools out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. By creating engaging demo videos, tutorials, how-tos and testimonials, you’ll attract more leads and signups. Because people love video. And so does Google.

Grow Your Business

Creating videos adds a face to your software. This builds trust and rapport, the basis for getting customers online.And with great onboarding videos, your users will realize quick wins. Which means you’ll increase conversions and reduce churn.

Get Back Valuable Time

There’s always too much to do in a software business. And finding good people is one of the biggest challenges anyway. Let your sales & support teams create videos for common issues, and you’ll literally multiply your team without hiring.

Running a Software Business Is Tough

In the first years as founder, you’re doing everything:

Sales, onboarding new clients, managing key accounts. Training new staff, so they can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

On top of that, you’re facing new challenges every day:

➔ It’s hard to stand out and attract leads and signups.

➔ New competitors pop up almost every day.

➔ It’s a challenge to find good people for your team.

Trust me, I’ve been there with my CRM software company. First on premise, later in the cloud, after switching to the SaaS model.

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand to stand out from the crowd and get it all done?

Let me show you how.

Why Video Works So Well In SaaS & Software Marketing

Did you know what the average attention span is today? 8.5 seconds. (Goldfish: 9 seconds, by the way).

According to TIME magazine, ”55% of visitors read your articles for 15 seconds or less” and ”spend 80% of time above the fold”. In short: Most people don’t read your blog posts.

How about online video? 5 out of 10 people will watch a 6-to-12-minute video to the very end. With a 2-minute video, even 7 out of 10 people will watch to the very end.

With video, you have up to 12 minutes of undivided attention from your potential customers to build trust and rapport, explain complex solutions and get your message across!

Video Marketing Ideas For Your Software & SaaS Solution

Creating videos doesn’t have to be complicated. Or expensive.

Do you know the ingredient of the best marketing videos? Authenticity. Your customers want to get to know you. In the end, “people always buy from people”, right?

No need for shiny, expensive video ads. People don’t trust them anyway. Instead, start creating your own videos. In-house:

Start with a hero video, for your homepage.
Put out several how-to videos. Testimonials.

Create great marketing videos for every step of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to consideration to decision.

Grow Your Software Business With Video Marketing. I’m Here To Help You All Steps Of The Way.

Creating great demo videos and tutorials is neither costly nor time-consuming and should be part of your in-house toolset.

Online Course: Make Videos That Sell

Everything you need to know to create demo videos and tutorials for your business, even if you’ve never made a video before.

Complete step-by-step training in 8 modules with insightful, actionable and fun video lessons, checklists and swipe files, specifically for Software & SaaS.

Blog: Free Tutorials

Join us on our journey, as we share our knowledge and experience in our software & SaaS marketing blog, a new piece every week.

Learn what works and what doesn’t in video SEO and video content marketing and share our „aha“ and „oh shit“ moments with us.

Coaching: Move Forward Quickly

The quickest way to reap the benefits of video and apply best practices:

coaching and training that helps you identify crucial areas, develop a high-impact video marketing strategy and produce your first videos. All from the comfort of your office.